Second Thoughts Series 2019



Adrian Esdaile


'The Atoning Death of Christ'


This session of Second Thoughts for the eveninbg of Palm Sunday will be a reflective preparation for Holy Week.  Central to all Christian belief is the suffering and death of Jesus on the Cross.  This is the fact of what is call 'The Atonement'.  What Jesus did re-opened the way to God.  That work, valid for all in every age, past, present and future, has remained at the heart of the Gospel.  


But how did that far off death on the Cross make any difference ?  What was it that happened on that first Good Friday that has changed  the lives and hopes of so many men, women and children throughout our world?   It is this question that Adrian will seek to answer during this session.


Hymns and readings will illustrate what he has to say.



Sue Bull


‘Not them but us: the church and mental health.’


After working as a hospital and mental health chaplain for 14 years, Sue Bull is now concentrating on Love Me Love Me Mind, the local charity that seeks to break down stigma about mental health issues.  She is also doing some study in the area of the church and mental health.


In the Second Thoughts discussion she would like to explore how the church may be a resource in times of mental distress.






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"Finally, whatever is true... whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things"

Philippians 4.8.

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