Second Thoughts Series 2018


Claire Read

The Architecture of Belonging


Claire Reed takes us through a visual journey of her work as artist-in-residence at St. James's Church, Weybridge. Sharing her exciting and moving experience, she reveals the rich and varied potential of a collaboration that brought church, local government, the business and wider community together through the arts.


Claire is an artist and educator who is currently studying an MA in Theology, Imagination and Culture at Sarum College. She graduated with a First Class BA Honours Degree in Fine Art from the University of the Creative Arts and has worked extensively in the visual arts throughout her career, with her artwork being widely exhibited and performed.



Helen Williams and Sophia Sladden

Opus Anglicanum”- when England ruled the world!


This talk will look at a fascinating period of English Needlework history (1250-1350)- when a small number of  embroiderers in a small area around St. Paul’s Cathedral  quite literally dominated the textile world! Fortunately, those lucky enough to own such material works of art, prized them and protected them, many took them to their graves, where they have survived until the present day.


This will be an interactive talk, involving information sharing, technical stitching demonstration and possibly the chance to actually try a few stitches!


Helen (Williams) and Sophia (Sladden), have been friends and fellow stitches for a number of years. They have been lucky enough to stitch together on various projects for different establishments including St. Paul’s Cathedral, Royal School of Needlework and St. Martin’s, Epsom.





Ollie and Rose Madgwick

From Worshiping the Sun to Worshiping the Son: A Brief History of Peruvian Religion


The diverse environments of Peru; coastal deserts, high Andes and Amazonian rainforest; have hosted equally diverse cultures. This talk will explore some of these native Peruvian religions, including those of Amazonian tribes, inhabitants of floating islands, and, of course, the Incas. The arrival and imposition of Catholicism in Peru drove many of these native beliefs to extinction, yet the enduring influence of these beliefs has given Peruvian Catholicism a unique flavour.


Ollie and Rose Madgwick spent their Honeymoon exploring deepest darkest Peru, and both sing in St Martin's Choir.



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"Finally, whatever is true... whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things"

Philippians 4.8.

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