Second Thoughts Series 2019



Ryan Slessinger


Light and Worship’


In the weeks before the work on the lighting in our St Martin’s is undertaken, Ryan Slessinger is responsible for the design and planning of the new lighting scheme.  Ryan will take a look at how light has been used since creation and how it affects our worship.  The Bible has a lot to say about light and he will take us on a journey with light and worship as its theme.

Ryan has been a Christian for many years and is leader of the Baptist Church plant in Sutton. He served as a missionary with Operation Mobilisation as an electrical officer and travelled around the world on a ship sharing faith in Jesus and helping practically where he could.  Following the ships he went to Bible college here in the UK.

His grandfather set up an electrical business after he left the Navy and this was handed down to my uncle and now to Ryan.  His firm now specialise in designing lighting systems for churches and this takes him and his team around London & the South

Lighting places of architecture and history is a privilege, but more important is the task of lighting churches to assist the ministry of building the church and reaching the local community.



Anna Keith


‘Godly Play’


Anna is the Children’s and Families Minister in the Parish and will describe her work and introduce in detail a particular aspect of it.




No Session of Second Thoughts in August

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"Finally, whatever is true... whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things"

Philippians 4.8.

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