Eco Church

Scientists are clear about the impact our western lifestyles are having on the environment and climate change. At St Martin’s, we are responding by thinking more deeply about our environmental footprint and our role as stewards of God’s beautiful world.

We are taking steps to become an Ecochurch, which challenges us to make change in five areas:

  • The efficiency of our buildings – How do we heat them? Are they properly insulated?
  • The use we make of our graveyard to encourage wildlife
  • Our teaching and preaching so that we can become better informed about environmental issues
  • Our engagement with others in our community to share with and learn from others
  • Our personal carbon footprint – What changes can we make to the way we live?

We are at the very start of this journey and we’d love you to join us. Do get in touch with Rev David Candlin to find out more.