Our mission is to further the Kingdom of God in the world by communicating His Good News and love for all in practical ways to benefit our fellow human beings both physically and spiritually.

To this end, our parish donates annually to selected charitable organisations at home and abroad 10% of all financial contributions freely given by the congregation. Additionally, thereb are annual collections for Christian Aid, The Children’s Society and a charity appropriate to our Harvest Festival.

Andrea Campanale, our CMS partner works in the UK; her blog can be found on the Church Mission Society website.

Our annual allocation in support of charitable and missionary organisations is published here.

The responsibilities of our Mission Committee may be summarised as follows:

  1. To consider appeals for support received by us and recommend an appropriate response.
  2. To recommend to the PCC how the annual Mission budget should be allocated.
  3. To support and facilitate the work of St Martin’s and St Stephen’s in the local and wider community.
  4. To keep the parish informed generally and theologically on matters relating to mission, justice and peace, and on our church’s supporting role in particular.

Mission abroad – We support agencies which:

  1. Further the Kingdom of God by word and deed
  2. Effect positive changes in the lives of any disadvantaged individuals and groups, such as the aged, isolated, disabled, homeless, women, children and refugees.
  3. Support struggling Christians suffering from poverty, disease, injustice, persecution, war
  4. Contribute towards large-scale disaster relief
  5. Acknowledge Christian rather than purely secular inspiration, although there should be room for discretion.

Mission at home should:

  1. Offer visible and practical support to the local community
  2. Attract acknowledgement locally
  3. Cover all groups in (ii) above, when donating locally
  4. Support efforts to reach the unchurched
  5. Prefer Christian-based charities when donating to national charities

Mission Updates:

December 2022:

The Church Army

The Church Army-activating positive change through Faith, Words, and Action.

A Mission focused community within the Anglican Church, positively affecting lives  Prayerfully—Expectant— and Generous

Visit their website here